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AK Ammunition Ice Tray
L.H.S. black or white tray that makes ten AK-47 cartridge shaped ice cubes. Great for gifts! $6.95 ..
Birdshooter 2 Trap Thrower
Trius Traps Birdshooter 2 Trap thrower with original Tru-spin design. Features large knobs for easy adjustment. Brand new in the box.  $49.95 per thrower ..
Coleman Peak 1 Fuel
Coleman Peak 1 Model 8555-000 fuel for gasoline backpacking appliances. .95 liters. $3.95 each ..
Florida Firearms  Law, Use & Ownership
This is the new, December 2016, completely revised 9th edition,  the top rated book of its kind in the nation on Florida firearm and self defense issues. This version is a guide, in layman's terms, that explains Florida's self defense statutes, and also covers a great number of various scenarios that might arise in defending yourself, and what the legal implications might be, plus loads of practical advice. ..
Handgun Ice Cube Tray
Tray that makes six ice cubes in the shape of little handguns. Tray color options include black, red, or blue. Makes a great gift! $6.95 ..
Sterno Fondue Fuel
Sterno Fondue Fuel liquid fuel for chafing dishes and fondues. 12 FL. oz. (355 ml) $5.95 each ..
The Competitor Trap Thrower
The Competitor Trap thrower is designed to throw single, stacked, or nesting pairs at greater distances. It features a welded steel frame with a weather resistant powder finish and fully adjustable throwing angles. Brand new in the box $44.95 per Thrower ..
The Perfect Borelite
The Perfect Borelite From the original manufacturer of the Bore light comes this new updated, user friendly bore light sytem which has been modified from the original to reduce the amount of harmful or uncomfortable light output. Who needs to look down a bright shiny bore and get blinded when you can use one of our new "Soft Light" Bore Lights and really determine the true condition of a barrel... The best bore light made today!   Retail $7.95 DEALER I..