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Under this category will be assorted gun parts, collector ammunition and boxes, tools, lights and accessories.


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M-1 Garand Nylon Sling
Original military surplus M-1 Garand U.S. GI two point nylon sling in OD green. Made in the U.S.A. $12.95 per sling ..
M-16 Sling
Original military surplus M-16 black nylon slings in brand new condition. $9.95 per sling ..
Mosin Nagant 91/30 Ammunition Pouch
Original Russian military surplus Mosin Nagant 91/30 ammunition duel ammo pouch. Handcrafted from a variety of materials including brown pebble-textured dark brown leather, smooth tan leather, and solid metal rivets. Perfect for collectors, reenactors, or as a gift.  $9.95 per pouch ..
Mosin Nagant Cleaning Kit
Original Russian military surplus Mosin Nagant cleaning kit including screwdriver/firing protrusion Gauge, cleaning rod head, muzzle crown protector, rod cleaning jag, rod handle/punch, and carrying pouch. $9.95 per pouch ..
Mosin Nagant Rifle Sling
Original Russian military surplus Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle in brand new condition.  $14.95 per sling ..
OBSOLETE & CURRENT WEAVER BASES - ALL TYPES After 40 Plus years in the gun business, we have literally hundreds of older & newer Weaver Mounts -  Top Mounts - Pivot Mounts - Side Mounts - etc.  Many have been unavailable commercially for years.  Some going back to before WWII. We also have some of the older Weaver base charts for reference as to  what your older rifle takes in the way of a base or bases. DROP US AN EMAIL WITH YOU..
Oil Canister
Bin full of different oil cansiters both metal and plastic in varying condition. $1.00 per oil canister ..
Original M60 Machine Gun Sling
Original U.S. Army unissued M60 machine gun black cotton sling with metal slides and nylon sholder pad for comfort.  $9.95 per sling  ..
Original Mosin Nagant 91/30 Bayonet
Original Russian military surplus unissued Mosin Nagant 91/30 bayonets in excellent condition with serial number. Each bayonet is constructed of steel and measure 19 1/2 inches in length overall with a 17 inch spike. The Mosin Nagant bayonets are a spike bayonet unable to be wielded by hand. They are designed specifically for stabbing and spearing motions that are capable of inflicting wounds much harder to treat than those inflicted by a knife type bayonet.  $14...
Sterno Fondue Fuel
Sterno Fondue Fuel liquid fuel for chafing dishes and fondues. 12 FL. oz. (355 ml) $5.95 each ..